Old Millborn

   Old Millborn is a large town located on the upper Eastern banks of the Orla River. The town is primarily an overgrown trading post that specializes in importing and exporting goods to and from the Bay of Flasla in the South and Lake Carn in the North. The town boasts a population of roughly a thousand inhabitants and is run by an elected mayor and his cabinet.

   The history of Old Millborn is an interesting one that spans back to the ending years of the Second Age. During that time, Old Millborn (at that time referred to as simply Millborn) was considered a large city although it is dwarfed by the metropolises that currently exist. It was during the Golden Era that Old Millborn was used as both a protected outpost as well as the primary trading post in the Orla River Valley. During the Golden Era before the Great Plaque Millborn was run by the Jarvitas Family who ruled with a firm but fair hand. With the coming of the Great Plaque Millborn was hit especially hard and the Jarvitas Family were at odds as to what to do. Finally, Mylar Jarvitas the youngest son in the family led an exodus from Millborn and headed West to the coast. The remainder of the Jarvitas family and most of the residence of Millborn stayed and tried to weather out the pestilence.

   The time of the Great Plaque was hard and over two thirds of Millborn died because of it. It would take over a decade before the disease faded away. From that point on the town of Millborn began to rebuild into the successful trading town it is today. The Jarvitas family however all perished in the plaque and the town turned to a representational democracy with an elected mayor and a small cabinet.

   Fate shined brighter on Mylar Jarvitas, more so than the rest of his family. He moved to the Eastern coast and founded New Millborn. New Millborn was saved from the Great Plaque for the most part and grew into a major city. Mylar Jarvitas’ bloodline still rule New Millborn in the form of a small dukedom which is only subservient to the governing body of Kormac, and only loosely subservient at that.  

   Since the passing of the Great Plaque and the dawn of the Dark Era, Old Millborn has successfully protected its inhabitants and its trade with the help of the Great Wall which surrounds the town and a sizable force of constables (roughly 50 men). It enjoys pleasant relations with the neighboring towns of Filgar, Scar-Port and Harbor Break. It is also considered an asset to province of Kormac primarily due to its reputation in shipping, wood working and fishing.

Old Millborn

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