The Political Systems of Crowvania

   Crowvania’s political situations are as varied it is immense. Consisting of four provinces Crowvania is a loose amalgamation of nations centered around four nation states. The first and by far greatest province is Kormac, whose monopoly of the sea trade made it the most prevalent of the financially inclined provinces. Kormac’s capital is Ganara City, the oldest and most admired capital in Crowvania, since quite literally time is centered upon its founding.

   Kormac is driven by two concepts, first is that money is its life’s blood. It is a nation of commerce and as such is bureaucratic to an extreme. Having the strongest military, Kormac is invested in a strong mercantilist culture.  Being the sole importers of Amara’s (a foreign land’s) goods; most significantly, harrah, an opiate leaf used in intoxicating liquors, Kormac accumulates the bulk of Crowvania’s wealth.

   In Kormac, the governmental system is that of a representational democracy. It is plagued with inefficiencies and corrupt to a nauseous point with hypocrisies and free-market economic policies. In Crowvania, the Parliament-Congress does not hold the strings, the Masters of Commence do. That being said, Kormac is relatively stable and peaceful.

   The second province is Awia, a monocratic and militaristic nation. The current king, King Leopold the Third is a brutal man who rules with an iron fist. Despite this, his province is like Kormac in the fact that it is stable and prosperous. It is also untamed and dangerous in parts especially east of the Farkill River.

   The third Province is Gorga, also a monarchy but unlike Awia the monarch’s powers are questionable and the rule of law often goes by the wayside. In Gorga local Lords hold the real power over limited areas usually consisting of a single city or collection of towns. These Lords are often petty tyrants who scheme and plot against one another and hidden from the current King, King Rolf the Tame.

   The forth province is Sighn, a desert kingdom which is under the control of a Theocracy. It is run by a cold hearted mysterious witch queen, called Misrealda. Under her are her religion’s Mages and their subordinate Priests. The state religion is called Amma and is the worship of strange desert deities. Sighn is the most remote and independent of the provinces that compile Crowvania.

   Currently the four provinces of Crowvania are at a quivering and temporary peace with one another and sometimes help defend one another from outside threats.

The Political Systems of Crowvania

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