General Information Regarding Crowvania

Notes Regarding the History and Time measurements of Crowvania

   The history of Crowvania is divided into three eras. The first era is known as the Unknown Time and consists of the prehistoric period before written records. Little is known about the first era but it is speculated that it was a period of primitive savagery. The only known archeological remnant from that era of myth and mystery is Killagor Tower located in the province of Kormac. Unfortunately, the tower is protected by a magical barrier which has never been penetrated. This has not stopped scholars from speculating about the nature and history of the tower, nor bards from composing pseudohistorical ballads centered on its mystery.

   The second era is known as the Golden Era and it lasted for two thousand years. It is dated from the erection of merchant town of Granara and the tomb entitled Foundation which was etched onto the walls of what now acts as the Great Hall of the city. Foundations is written in a rudimentary form of Farlatta (which is the common tongue of Crowvania) and details the history of the building of Granara under Titanius the First.

   The third and current era is called the Black Era and has lasted for four hundred and thirty-two years. It is dated from the blight known as the Great Plague that destroyed the city states of the Golden Era along with the majority of their inhabitants. It has been a period of warfare and chaos in which the varying providences of Crowvania constantly quarrel and wage war.

   In regards to time, Crowvania measure the years in three hundred and fifty day spans. There are only four months in a Crowvania year and they directly correlate to its seasons. There is Yarn, the time of planting and the revival of the green. This month begins on the Vernal Equinox and the seventieth day of the year. The second month is Garna and correlates to Crowvania’s summer. It ranges from the one hundred and twentieth day to the two hundred and sixth. It is a time of lush vegetation and rain.  The third month is Fallow and it last from the end of Garna to the two hundred and fifty sixth day of the year. Fallow is Crowvania’s autumn and is the foreshadowing of the harsh winter which follows. The fourth and final month is Kracha and is the time of snow and coldness, it stretches from the end of Garna to the first day of Yarn and is by far the longest season. In conclusion Yarn lasts for fifty days, Garna is eighty-six days long, Fallow is fifty days like Yarn and Kracha is one hundred and sixty-four days long.

   A day by Crowvanian reckoning is twenty hours long. The period of daylight lasts roughly twelve hours during Garna and eight hours during Kracha.

General Information Regarding Crowvania

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