“The Golden Era of the world is over. The Great Plaque wiped the masses from Hearth and with them went progress and peace. The Black Era is upon us and the Provinces of Crowvania are once again trying to ascend the ladder of advancement and regaining a glimmer of their former glory. The world is a dark place and the evil and savagery of the Unknown Time has crept back into the world. The forces of good armed with hope and love battle the beasts of blood for control. We are balanced upon the blade of decision and our acts will decide what will become of the world. May the Gods have mercy.” -Marcephilus the Mad (111th day of Yarn, 364 B.E.)


Crowvania is the Western edge of the continents of Marva; while Marva is one of the two known continents of the world known as Hearth.  Crowvania consists of four Provinces that are located North of the Mar-Bog quagmire and South of the Storm King Mountains. These Provinces consist of Kormac, Awia, Gorga and Sighn.


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